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I have often watched Supervet on the tele wondering how it is that Noel Fitzpatrick has not yet ‘burnt out’? So how appropriate it is that the theme for this years’ VET Festival is ‘wellness’!

And it would appear that the organisers are taking the subject seriously down to the very detail of the food they provide: Having booked my place at the event I'’ve just been offered an eclectic selection of vitamin-and-fibre-packed lunches including superfood salads and the like; quite a change from the cheese and pickle sandwiches and ‘'everything in breadcrumb'’ offerings we have become accustomed to at other veterinary gatherings and which leave my coeliac husband with no choice other than an empty, rumbling tummy!

I’ve not been to any of the previous VET Festival’s yet feel already that I’m going to love this event because it’s different. For a start, it’s billed a festival and not a seminar, Congress or other serious-sounding CPD event.

It has more than a smattering or celebrity glamour too with Noel Fitzpatrick in conversation with Russell Brand. Whilst everyone seems to love ‘cuddly’ Noel (albeit an impression formed from an unrepresentative sample of my girlfriends!) it is clear that Russell Brand does provoke reaction across a wide spectrum. And that is no bad thing if you want to divert attention to your event, as a polarising character tends to attract more column inches and conversation than one who is not!

But the important thing is that beneath the glitz and sparkle lies a solid foundation of world class CPD and a very genuine programme supporting wellbeing and better mental health amongst the veterinary profession and that is the reason I am looking forward to going. Will I see you there?

P.S. It’'s not too late to book! CLICK HERE and remember to quote VFVPOL15 to claim your vetpol member 15% discount.
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