Dechra, manufacturer of Vetoryl, has launched a new Cushing’s treatment and monitoring App to support pet owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with the disease.

The free App helps to track changes and improvements in a dog’s health during the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome with Vetoryl. It monitors clinical signs and quality of life with easy-to-use Cushing’s clinical score and quality of life questionnaires and features a care pathway detailing when check-ups with routine blood tests should be carried out after diagnosis, which are recommended at 10 days, 4 weeks, 12 weeks and every 3 months thereafter. The App also features a handy daily medication tracker which sends pet owners reminders to administer medication to their dog. Extensive resources are available to download from the App and include comprehensive FAQs about Cushing’s syndrome, its monitoring and treatment.

Sarah Musgrave, companion animal brand manager at Dechra, comments: “Continuous and consistent monitoring is key to finding the right Vetoryl dose for a dog with Cushing’s and restoring its health. The new Cushing’s syndrome treatment and monitoring App is a useful tool to help owners quickly and easily record and track any medical and lifestyle changes in dogs being treated with Vetoryl, which can then be shared with their vet during check-ups.”

The Cushing’s treatment and monitoring App is the latest App to be launched by Dechra to support its endocrinology range of products. A free Endocrinology App was launched last year utilising data from the Royal Veterinary College’s VetCompass database to help vets diagnose and manage the endocrine disorders Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism) and Cushing’s syndrome in canine patients.

To download the Cushing’s treatment and management App on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store search Cushing’s monitoring. The Endocrinology App can be found by searching Dechra Endocrinology.

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