Trimble Group, the veterinary-led creative communications company, has launched a new and expansive film studio to meet the growing need of the animal health industry in creating cutting-edge, engaging content to keep their audience engaged through the power of visual storytelling.

With the aim of making thought-provoking, educational content and campaign materials more like Netflix and less like PowerPoint, the 5,000 sq ft production studio is unique as it is solely dedicated to the animal health industry. The versatile studio offers a controlled environment with professional, studio quality sound and lighting and has three clinically accurate sets – a consult room, surgical theatre and office/reception area.

Moreover, the new studio, which is located close to the Trimble Group’s head office and training centre, features a green screen for realistic digital replacement of backgrounds to enhance the immersive feel of content. Animals with clinical signs of disease/conditions can also be sourced to further enhance the visual storytelling and add an edge of realism.

Toby Trimble, founder and CEO of Trimble Group and a European Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, comments: “We asked our clients how we could enhance our offering and the result is the launch of Trimble Studios, which is the first and only studio dedicated to the animal health industry.

“The new studio enables our creative team of experts to transform a project from ordinary to fascinating, memorable and engaging, while providing a more streamlined approach to visual storytelling in a versatile and relaxed environment. This ensures our clients are more focused and ‘in the moment’, while guaranteeing that projects are not only visually stimulating but clinically accurate and educationally progressive to meet commercial goals.”

Trimble Group was founded on a love for animal health and creative storytelling. Its unique team is a combination of veterinary specialists and creatives striving to advance the animal health industry through engaging educational experiences. The group provides a range of communication and content creation services to meet a company’s education or product goals, from online course creation and live or pre-recorded webinar production to presentation development and presenting for impact and storytelling CPD programmes.

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