Veterinary radiology company, SignalPET has launched their new product, SignalSTAT, which seamlessly blends cutting-edge AI technology with human expertise to offer pets the fastest, most thorough care possible. With representation in over 2,300 clinics, SignalPET has created an advanced veterinary X-ray interpretation solution that can assess the most critical, urgent cases with both advanced AI technology and expert human oversight with a guaranteed 45-minute turnaround time, available 24/7. This new technology will be exhibited at the upcoming trade show, Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) from January 13-17th.

Using SignalSTAT significantly shortens the time for assessment, allowing SignalSTAT to deliver a rapid and affordable STAT review for all patients. With SignalSTAT’s solution, veterinarians can get full interpretation results in less than one hour, 24/7, at a cost-effective price of $75 or less per study. This report mirrors a radiologist report that includes the differentials, recommendations, and next steps. As a testament to their confidence in their systems, and unlike any other teleradiology provider, SignalPET also offers a 100% guarantee, covering any and all financial claims against veterinary practices using the systems.

SignalPET’s technology was created through continuously evolving machine-learning algorithms that get progressively smarter as the tool is used by veterinarians around the world. The technology assures rapid results, increased speed of diagnosis, a reduced burden on veterinary radiologists in high demand, lower overall veterinary costs, and a contribution to the best possible health care for pets everywhere.

Dr. Neil Shaw, the Chief Veterinary Officer and Medical Founder of SignalPET, advocates for comprehensive care, stating, "We're committed to ensuring every patient receives a thorough interpretation report. As traditional radiology interpretations experience increased prices or stretched turnaround times to manage demand, SignalSTAT steps in; offering an affordable, guaranteed solution, promptly bridging the gap in care to all patients."

In response to the launch of SignalSTAT, veterinary diagnostic imaging specialist Avi Avner, BSc, BVSc, CVR, DVDI, MRCVS, said, “This technology really shows the extent to which AI can work with humans, rather than against them, to create better, more efficient outcomes in our fields of work. To see how truly powerful this technology can be at working with veterinary teams as a support to offer faster, more accurate, and more affordable care is astounding.” Avner went on to add, “Because of time limitations, veterinarians are often forced to review urgent cases at breakneck speeds, which can lead to incomplete, or a less thorough understanding of the results. In these critical cases with only a short period of time to review, SignalSTAT offers essential quality processes and comprehensive reporting in record time — a solution that could, in certain cases, drastically increase the chance of survival for pets in critical condition.”

About SignalPET

SignalPET stands as the gold standard for a comprehensive radiology interpretation solution, offering an end-to-end platform that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology and the expertise of human intelligence for radiograph interpretation. With a remarkable presence spanning over four years, SignalPET has earned the trust of the profession, currently interpreting 50,000 films weekly for veterinarians. As leaders in the field of veterinary diagnostics, SignalPET continues to redefine the landscape by providing a transformative platform that enhances the precision and efficiency of radiology services and revolutionizes the way practitioners interpret and leverage radiographs worldwide. Learn more about SignalPET at