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ID:	58711 Team members from IVC Evidensia practices in Sunderland were recently given the opportunity to participate in Marine Medic Training, delivered by British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

BDMLR are a nationwide charity who respond to calls from the public reporting injured seals or stranded porpoises, dolphins and whales around the UK. They dispatch teams of trained volunteers to attend and deal with the casualty, with the aim of re-floating the animal back out to sea.

Twenty-six team members drawn from across Sunderland participated in the highly practical course, which included a couple of hours re-floating a 2-tonne model of a Pilot Whale in the North Sea.

IVC Evidensia is incredibly proud of its commitment to supporting training and development programmes for all staff within the business, aligning with its core values of we care, we share, and we dare.[HM1]

These values are promoted through many different opportunities, including courses such as the Marine Medic Training, allowing veterinary professionals to continue to learn at whatever stage they are at in their careers.
The Marine Medic Training course is mutually beneficial for both the veterinary profession and BDMLR, as there is already a huge shortage of trained vets who are prepared to see these animals in practice or to attend on scene to provide expert skills and guidance.

This is also a positive step forward in supporting at-risk marine mammals and local communities by increasing the available pool of people trained in dealing with these distressing incidents.

David Martin, Group Veterinary Welfare Advisor for IVC Evidensia, said:

“The recent Marine Medic Training gave our teams the unique opportunity to learn new skills[HM1] that they can apply to their everyday jobs, as well as useful animal handling skills which is transferable to large animal practice.

“Our team members are now much more equipped to safely handle and move large marine animals that could have the potential to do serious harm if manoeuvred incorrectly. Due to the success of the course, there are already plans in place for repeating it again in 2023.”

If you would like to find out more about the BDMLR Marine Medic Training or how to get involved in their work, head over to the BDMLR website here.
again maybe too many skills?? [HM1] [HM1]

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