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ID:	56612 SPILLERS is running a series of three webinars for horse owners to help them manage their horses’ diets, understand more about gastric ulcers and reduce the risks of laminitis. The first webinar will be held on 20th January 2022.

Presented by highly knowledgeable SPILLERS nutritionists, Isabel Harker, Gina Burgoyne and Sarah Nelson, each session will contain clearly delivered information and practical advice. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

“Whether you have a horse or a pony, and whether you are looking for safe weight gain, weight loss or a maintenance diet these webinars are for you,” said Clare Barfoot RNutr, Marketing and Research and Development Director at Mars Horsecare UK, home of the SPILLERS brand. “The webinars incorporate answers to many of the questions we receive via our Care-Line, together with the latest in equine nutrition science, making them highly relevant for every level of horse owner. And the best news is they are free and accessible to all.”

Tips for winter weight gain – hosted by Gina Burgoyne
Thursday 20th January, 8-9pm
  • Forage
  • Calories explained
  • Fibre and oil diets
  • Practical advice
Tips for horses prone to gastric ulcers – hosted by Gina Burgoyne
Thursday 10th February, 8-9pm
  • Who is at risk
  • What to look out for
  • How nutrition plays a role
  • Forage
Managing your laminitic horse – hosted by Isabel Harker and Sarah Nelson
Thursday 3rd March, 8-9pm
  • Who is at risk
  • Symptoms
  • How nutrition plays a role
  • Body condition
  • Grazing tips
The webinars will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. Each session is free of charge and will last for approximately one hour. If you would like to join, please sign up here. A link to join the webinar will then be emailed to you the day before the session.

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