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Frégis, the largest referral hospital in France was founded in 1836 in Paris. It was the very first clinic to practice medicine on pets at a time when vet schools were only training on horses and farm animals. Frégis has always been a pioneer of small animal medicine and was the first clinic to obtain official veterinary hospital status in France. Today they are the largest veterinary hospital in France with over 55 veterinarians and a team of over 110 in total.

Welcome to IVC Evidensia
We are very proud to welcome Frégis to our group at IVC Evidensia. In 2019 the hospital completed 3,200 specialised surgical procedures, performed 1,300 scans, 820 MRI scans and 4,800 ultrasounds with 16 specialists on duty.
Also of note is that the hospital currently employs 12 residents with a strong focus on training and also gives a number of conferences each year – approximately 50 regional, 100 national and 10 international. Frégis is a Referral hospital and writes about 40 publications per year in national veterinary journals.

Together, IVC Evidensia and Frégis aim to promote highest quality medicine practices and make excellent multidisciplinary veterinary care accessible to all. This integration allows Frégis to accelerate its development and to open up to a network of more than 1,300 clinics in France and Europe.

“Frégis and IVC Evidensia share many values, including the desire to share knowledge and develop training for colleagues. Frégis is also a training centre from which 50 French European graduates and 29 interns come from who have integrated a residency program, and which aims to integrate into the IVC Evidensia Academy, the leading private veterinary training organisation in Europe. As a veterinarian, I take immense pride in the fact that Frégis has chosen to join our network.” Patrick Govart, Veterinarian, General Manager France IVC Evidensia