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The platform will be available to veterinary practices of all sizes and VetHelpDirect are now inviting practices to join their Beta trial for free.
Practices that sign up for the trial will have the opportunity to shape the development of the platform. Working closely with the VetHelpDirect, they will lead the profession in integrating video consultations into traditional practice ways of working.
Susie Samuel, Managing Director of VetHelpDirect explained the importance of this launch: “While developing this product, we have been mindful that the use of telemedicine in our industry has been hugely controversial. We believe that inviting local vets to trial and refine this technology, using their team to work with their own clients removes many of the risks and dangers otherwise inherent in the proposition.”
The platform works via an app, which clients can download onto their mobile devices and use to book appointments. This system integrates with Vetstoria or has its own appointment booking system for practices not using it. When an appointment is booked via video, practitioners will see it in their PMS. They simply go to their online account, select the relevant appointment and click ‘start video call’. Payment can be collected from the owner prior to the consultation.
Susie Samuel continued: “In our fast-moving world pet owners are increasingly reliant on technology and expect to be able to access services easily. The results of our recent VetHelpDirect research of 419 owners showed 38% of survey respondents said they would like to have the option of a video consultation if it was offered by their own vet. If we are to keep up with this demand, we need to embrace new ways of working.”
The VetHelpDirect team predict that the growth in the use of this technology will change the way veterinary medicine is practiced but are clear that video consultations will always work alongside in-person consultations, as just one tool in an overall strategy of care, and certainly will not replace face to face diagnosis.

The VetHelpDirect video platform will give veterinary practices the opportunity to perform follow up consultations or post-operative consultations with existing clients. This avoids putting the animal through the trauma of travelling to the practice for an appointment which may involve a wait in a stressful waiting room. If the animal requires further treatment or assessment the vet can request to see the patient in the practice. There are also opportunities for vet practices to use video consultations for triage and new client acquisition.
Susie explains:
“What is clear from our research is that whilst clients would like to be able to have video consultations with a vet their strong preference is for this to be with their own vet; whilst 38% of people would use video consultations with their own vet this falls to only 7% if it is provided by a vet not known to them. Of course, telemedicine is by no means the answer in every case, what the new service does offer is flexibility for practitioners and the ability to work in new ways that will benefit the animals and owners. For example, giving free telephone advice has become common place in many practices but is very hard to monetise. Video consultations provide a commercial solution to this problem.”
The platform is customisable allowing each individual practice to market the product to their clients using their corporate branding.
If you would like to discuss the service or join the VetHelpDirect Video consultation Beta trial please contact Susie Samuel