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Last week I had the pleasure of attending BSAVA Congress at the invitation of President John Chitty. After a gap of a few years it was still just as vibrant as I remember it, with a packed programme to cater for all interests. As always, discussions with colleagues over drinks or lunch provided as much food for thought as the lectures themselves. Has anyone found a way of claiming them as CPD, because they surely must count as such!

During the Congress SPVS Board members had a meeting with their counterparts on BVNA, which followed neatly on from the BVA's own Working Group on the Vet-Led Team, looking at the role of RVNs in practice. There is often talk of reviewing Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act (VSA) but it was concluded that not only was there unlikely to be Parliamentary time for this, but also that it could have undesirable consequences. Talking with BVNA Officers, we felt there was already a lot that RVNs could do under existing legislation. The problem was that the details of Schedule 3 were often poorly understood and more clarity was needed over what was meant by an animal being under the care of a veterinary surgeon.

The RCVS is in the process of producing more detailed advice Schedule 3 which we hope will enable practices to make better use of their RVNs. In the meantime, SPVS and BVNA are planning to survey their members on the role of RVNs and Schedule 3, and assess whether some practical guidance notes would be of benefit, so look out for the email invitation when it comes and be sure to let us know your views.

Next month is of course Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, so it's a good time to be focussing on the role of our RVNs. For more details of how you can get involved, click on the image below.

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