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"Shall I or shan't I...look at that sky...wellies staying in the car or going on my feet?"

Reflecting on the Vet Festival CPD event a week on I can't help but feel that this event is blessed with good fortune. The forecast for the weekend was poor...but then again it could have been this week; a week of floods. The mixed forecast didn't put people off, numbers were good, plenty of people turned up for the event and were rewarded for their bravery. The Losely Park site is also quite well drained so whilst there were showers it wasn't muddy, the water sank in, the grass did it's job. All you had to if a shower turned up was wander into a tent and chat to someone most of whom looked as though they felt pretty relaxed.

It's great these days that we have so much choice of CPD. Online CPD is a real blessing for those who still have to do on-call but at the same time it's nice sometimes to take time out, physically go somewhere else and have a change of walls...and chat to people.

There is also something about Vet Festival that makes it feel as though you've not lost your weekend. It's relaxed, convivial. It's not just a change of walls because...well.....there aren't any walls! The site is well-organised and it's just different being outdoors. When you've done your bit, topped up your CPD and headed home you feel like you've had a bit of a break out in the fresh air and yet you still know you've had that all important break and some natural daylight.

So in the end, after a busy week it was still a chance to relax. For those who did brave the slightly dodgy forecast they still had fun and learned something on the day. Downloading the proceedings to Dropbox when you got your CPD reminder email the following week on was easy and that gave you the chance to do your reflective learning having had a chance to internalise some of that stimulation.

And despite the rain the wellies stayed in the car, my feet stayed dry and so did I..