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When you are flat out working, managing a business, running around after the children or whatever else it is that keeps you busy, it’s sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to stand back and see the bigger picture. Yet, it’s when we take time out to do this that we have the opportunity to take control again; to re-connect with our values, reminding ourselves of what really matters and which activities should be prioritised and those we should let go.

Paradoxically, often ‘letting go’ can help us achieve our goals, regardless of whether you define success in business terms, sporting achievements or simply ‘being happy’.

I took time out to stand back just this week, following an arduous few months when my feet have barely touched the ground. Yes, there has been a very enjoyable skiing holiday sandwiched in the middle of weeks of frenetic activity but the net effect of that liberating time on the slopes has been a period of intense work catch-up either side of the holiday when I allowed myself to be pulled in every direction. The result? Gosh, I’m tired!

I love my work and this is at the heart of the problem (but hey, what a nice problem to have?). A head full of more ideas than could every be implemented has me forever striving for better results, stronger relationships, business growth, more mountains to climb but it ultimately renders me cream-crackered at times!

So whilst work is ‘what I do’ - it’s woven into my DNA - what really matters most to me is my family, pure and simple. Spending time with them is everything …and guess what I am short of most?! TIME!

So yesterday saw me holed up in a coffee shop in Aylesbury where coffee and cake certainly did the trick! I took the time out to reflect on the work about which I am so passionate and I wrote down everything I’ve achieved recently and what I aspire to achieve over forthcoming months. Having lost so many members of our friends and family in recent years, I also considered how I can do all that I want to do, while still finding time for my family and me, as life is short.....……so a bit of lateral thinking produced various solutions to the conundrum of achieving more while actually doing less. And by jove, I think I’ve done it!

So, if you are reading this, pondering your own situation while words like ‘headless’ and ‘chicken’ spring to mind, then I thoroughly recommend that you make your excuses, pick up a notepad and pen and head to your nearest refreshment point.

In taking time out to stand back you can give yourself the head-space required to re-evaluate your priorities, to plan to work smarter and actually achieve more while doing less. Most importantly, you can gain control once again and find the balance we all need to feel happy and grounded!

Go now, go! Costa and hot coffee awaits!