An intrepid trio from one of London’s leading vets have returned from Bulgaria after a mission to help tackle the country’s spiraling problem with stray dogs and cats.

Top vet Dr Scarlet Aflalo-Meyrick led the volunteer group from Linnaeus-owned Village Vet’s Hampstead practice, one of their 18 practices across the capital.

She was accompanied by colleague and registered veterinary nurse Niamh Cunningham, along with student veterinary nurse Rhiannon Edmonds after the trio teamed up with English-based rescue organisation Jack’s Giant Journey for the project.

Dr Aflalo-Meyrick is a trustee of the charity and explained: “Jack’s Giant Journey is all about making lasting impacts and improving animals’ lives.

“Over the past year, we have asked ourselves what we can do beyond our rescue and rehoming work to create a lasting impact.

“Which is how we decided to head to Bulgaria to help with their significant stray animal problem. We visited last month with the aim to neuter as many dogs and cats as possible, for free.

“This neutering project is vital as the statistics show. One female dog and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 puppies in just six years. One female cat and her offspring can produce a staggering 370,000 kittens in just seven years.

“In total, the team operated for 50 hours over the four days, neutering more than 120 animals and saving approximately 2.4 million lives!”

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