Moores Orthopaedic Clinic is a new, purpose-built orthopaedic practice for dogs and cats, based in the South of England. As a specialist practice, the team wanted access to the latest imaging equipment to best support its pet patients.

Richard Hoile, Managing Director at Moores explains, “In some ways what we’re doing is a new concept. We’d worked previously at a referral centre and saw the opportunity to hone our offering by setting up a new state-of-the-art orthopaedics clinic.”

“We wanted to provide the best possible facilities alongside cutting edge technology but of course, despite our collective experience, we were coming at this as a new starter. So, we knew that we’d need the right financing partnering to see it through.”

Moores sought the assistance of Siemens Financial Services (SFS), a specialised financier, to facilitate their investment. The founders of Moores had previously worked with the team at SFS. As healthcare financing experts with extensive knowledge of the veterinary industry, SFS recognised the significance of a specialist clinic, its growth prospects, and the advantages that advanced imaging equipment could provide.

“To achieve the highest standard of orthopaedic facility, we needed a top-quality X-ray and CT machine. We’d used Siemens Healthineers equipment before and knew we wanted to have such a reputable brand in the clinic but this meant high capital expenditure from the start,” continues Richard.

Working with PLH Medical – a supplier of Siemens Healthineers imaging equipment within the veterinary sector – SFS put together a carefully structured proposal taking into account Moores’ extensive specialist experience and the expected demand for treatment.

The resulting hire purchase arrangement spread the cost of investment over 7 years to align with the long lifecycle of the equipment and enabling Moores to own the equipment at the end of the agreement.

“What we loved about working with SFS was they understood our vision and supported us to buy the machine we wanted. They arranged the finance so that even the best quality was affordable.”

Now fully operational, the clinic has opened its doors to the community and has already welcomed a steady intake of pet patients. Richard adds, “Support and finance from SFS has really taken the pressure off and enabled us to focus on growing the business and supporting patients.”

Sally-Anne Whybrow, Healthcare Business Development Manager at SFS comments, “New practices often struggle to balance necessary equipment investment and cash flow, so specialist finance can be an enabler.

“It was clear from the start that a clinic like this with such a wealth of knowledge and specialisation would make a real impact on the community, naturally they required the best possible equipment to meet their exacting standards. That’s why tailoring the arrangement over several years gives them the freedom to run their clinic exactly how they want and we look forward to seeing the business grow.”
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