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ID:	56247 Introducing Beaphar Dental Powder, the natural, no-brush solution for healthy teeth.

With 80% of all dogs and 85% of cats experiencing dental issues by the age of three*, it is even more important to ensure that dental care is on top of your customers’ list. Beaphar is pleased to announce the addition of

Beaphar Dental Powder to the highly effective Dental range.
Natural Seaweed proven to fight plaque

Beaphar Dental Powder uses natural seaweed to combat plaque build-up (the most common form of dental disease), working instantly when in contact with saliva, continuing to work long after ingestion.

Works instantly
The powder, which comes with a measuring scoop, is added to the pets’ daily food and is an ideal alternative to brushing, giving pets healthy teeth and owners reassurance that they are taking care of their pet’s dental needs.

A full range for every cat and dog

Beaphar Dental Powder joins the Beaphar Dental Range which includes a number of options for owners to take care of their pet’s dental health. From the “Gold-Standard” Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste for daily use, to Beaphar Tooth Gel, and Beaphar Fresh Breath Spray, and more, there is a solution for all pet owners to support their pet’s care.
Beaphar Training Academy - Dental Health Module

With the comeback of our popular Beaphar Dental Powder, you might like to ‘brush up’ on your dental skills!

Our Dental Health module is ideal for learning more, and offers 3 AMTRA CPD points and 30 minutes of VetPol CPD for SQPs.