London, UK – June 23, 2020 – Zoetis Inc. today announced the launch of the Zoetis Learning Academy - a multi-species portal for all vets and vet nurses to complete free CPD .There are six equine courses within the Academy, including two important sessions on equine herpes virus (EHV), which are part of Zoetis’ online education portfolio aimed at helping to combat the threat of this common infectious respiratory disease.

The Zoetis Learning Academy contains a total of 65 free CPD courses, with the six equine topics covering:

Equine Herpes Viruses: Time to think outside the classification box - Professor Josh Slater (20 Min)

Equine Herpes Viruses - Dr Wendy Talbot (40 Min)

Principles of sustainable worm control in adult horses (90 Min)

Spring & Summer Worming (45 Min)

Autumn & Winter Worming (45 Min)

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (60 Min)

The EHV CPD content was compiled in response to a survey on EHV conducted by Zoetis last year, the results of which revealed that both vets and owners wanted more educational and awareness information on EHV to be made readily available.1,2

Zoetis equine product manager, Penny McCann said: “Given the recent cases of EHV-1 in the UK, it is very timely to be able to launch the Zoetis Learning Academy. It gives vets direct access to high quality CPD, to help them keep their knowledge of all aspects of this serious equine health risk up-to-date, together with essential information on other key equine healthcare topics.”

The Zoetis Online Learning Academy can be accessed here:

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