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The Time Out Training box, created by Essity, the global hygiene and health company is aimed at both veterinary surgeons and nurses and contains two USB sticks which contain the wound care education sessions, a Bluetooth speaker, product samples, clinical literature, case studies and Time Out wafer bars to enjoy while you learn.

You can also book a timeslot with a representative from Essity to answer any clinical or product related questions raised by the contents of the box.

Richard Barker, Account Sales Executive at Essity said: "Time Out Training allows us to educate vets and vet nurses directly in practices within timescales that we could not previously achieve. We feel this is the future of education in busy veterinary settings, allowing for emergency interruptions, and allowing training of all staff within the convenient setting of their own practice."

Fiona Garrard RVN said: "I found this to be a very easy to follow and very informative webinar. It is full of content that is very useful and aids a good, underpinning knowledge of infections in wounds, and why they happen. It was packed with content and not long-winded or boring at any point."

Time Out Training takes an hour to complete. You can order it for your practice by emailing or dialing 01482 670124.