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World Diabetes Day on November 14th 2019 is fast approaching and in preparation MSD Animal Health has launched its new Caninsulin® ( Website as part of its ‘With You and Your Pet for Life’ campaign. The website is dedicated to providing useful information and resources for the owners of diabetic pets. Further support is also provided to help veterinary practices raise awareness of pet diabetes in the form of staff training and a Pet Diabetes Month Resource Pack. To sign up for a pack practices should go to

Caroline Darouj, Senior Product Manager at MSD Animal Health comments: “Pet diabetes continues to rise in the UK1,2 due to the growing prevalance of obesity in our pets. Research has shown that up to 20% of diabetic pets die, or are euthanised, within a year of diagnosis3. Many of these early deaths however, are avoidable and effective management can result in good outcomes in most pets. A diabetes diagnosis should not be a life sentence for our pets.”

The Caninsulin® Website aims to help pet owners improve their understanding of the disease and support their commitment to treating their pet, thus improving the survival rates of diabetic pets. It features videos demonstrating how to give insulin injections to dogs and cats. There are downloadable links to the Pet Diabetes Tracker App, which helps pet owners diabetic pets monitor and record their pets’ progress. There are also tools that help pet owners build glucose curves they can share with their veterinary practice, and FAQs that will answer their main concerns.

Caroline Darouj adds: “This campaign and new website will make a big difference, giving practices the tools to engage pet owners, provide treatments plans and explain effective disease management. Diabetes is a disease with many elements that can feel overwhelming for pet owners so it’s vital that all veterinary practice team members have the right resources to be able to advise and support them so their pets can lead long and happy lives.”

For more information and to register for the resources available veterinary practices should visit the Pet Diabetes Website at

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