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The Global Pain Council (GPC) of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has launched a program called ‘Teach the Teachers,’ which aims to create a global network of key opinion leader (KOLs) – ‘teachers’ – in pain management, who are motivated to propagate and disseminate their knowledge within their regions.
As the first step in the Program, the GPC has launched a scholarship competition to identify one veterinarian and one veterinary technician/nurse with a demonstrated interest in pain management and the potential to become its first global KOLs.
The GPC is working to an ambitious agenda to enhance companion animal health care and welfare globally through increasing the confidence and competence of veterinarians and veterinary technicians/nurses around the world in managing the pain suffered by their patients. Its Global Pain Guidelines are the WSAVA’s most frequently accessed free resources for veterinary professionals.
In Phase One of the GPC Scholarship, the selected candidates will travel to a host location to receive 8-12 weeks of training in small animal pain management from members of the GPC, focused on:
  • The pathophysiology of pain
  • The assessment of acute and chronic pain in dogs and cats
  • The treatment of acute and chronic pain in dogs and cats
  • An understanding of how to approach clinical pain research.
In Phase Two, the candidates will return to their country and run courses on pain management to local veterinarians or veterinary technicians/nurses and their WSAVA member association’s members. Their completion Certificate will be awarded on the successful completion of both phases of the Scholarship.
Commenting on the launch of the GPC’s Teach the Teachers program, Dr Duncan Lascelles, Chair of the GPC, said: “All companion animals are sentient so feel pain and this is what makes pain management such an important issue for veterinary professionals. We are working to reduce the variation in the assessment and management of pain around the world through the creation of regionally specific resources and targeted education.
“Our Teach the Teachers program is an exciting new initiative which we hope will lay the foundations of a global network of veterinarians and veterinary technicians/nurses with specific expertise in pain management and the passion and knowledge to educate their colleagues.”
He added: “We are looking forward to reviewing applications for our first GPC Pain Management Scholars.”
Full details of the application and selection process for the GPC Scholarship are available on the WSAVA’s website at The deadline for applications from veterinarians is 31 December 2019. The deadline for applications from veterinary technicians/nurses is 30 June 2020.
Priority will be given to candidates from WSAVA Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries and to members of WSAVA member associations.
The WSAVA represents more than 200,000 veterinarians worldwide through its 113 member associations and works to enhance standards of clinical care for companion animals. Its core activities include the development of WSAVA Global Guidelines in key areas of veterinary practice, including pain management, nutrition and vaccination, together with lobbying on important issues affecting companion animal care worldwide.