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As veterinary professionals are all too aware, it can be very difficult to insure an older pet. And of course, this can leave them vulnerable at a time in their lives when they may need treatment the most. Fortunately, this autumn, Agria Pet Insurance is making Lifetime insurance accessible to even the most senior pets – no matter how old they are.

This will be reassuring news to many owners of older cats, dogs and rabbits, because there’s no doubt that, while younger pets can bring owners a lot of joy, those wonderful, older and wiser four-legged friends mean so much. Depicting this so clearly is the true story Agria Pet Insurance tells of widower Joe, who recently adopted a 13year-old dog, Cindy. Their heart-warming tale tells of how both older dog and owner have transformed each other’s lives, powerfully highlighting just how deep the bonds with our senior pets can be.

Pet owners, and especially those with older animals will relate to how Joe feels about Cindy and be just as committed to helping them enjoy their golden years. However, as treatment for the long-term chronic problems associated with older age can come at such a cost, Lifetime insurance is so important for older pets - helping to cover long-term conditions year after year.

Robin Hargreaves, Vet Lead at Agria Pet Insurance, backs the campaign; “Later in life, particularly with chronic diseases, things can start to go wrong - so having insurance is a huge help. For owners, it's the reassurance that their pet can access the veterinary care they may need for problems connected with old age, and for the pet, getting this care can mean a much happier and more comfortable retirement."

Lifetime policies from Agria Pet Insurance taken out between 1st October and 30th November 2019 have no upper age limit. So, no matter how old your clients’ pets are, this autumn, let them know that they can benefit from the reassurance of cover for the rest of their lives.

For more information and to get a quote, visit, or call the Agria team on 03330 30 83 68.
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