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The October Parasite Forecast includes the Autumn fluke forecast and seasonal disease advice. The blowfly alert has been updated, and there is a new webinar available for viewing!

  • Autumn Fluke Forecast
  • Quarantine dosing
  • Sheep: PGE
  • Cattle: PGE, lungworm infection and treatment at housing

New Webinar
Foot bathing to prevent dairy cow lameness
This webinar provides an overview of how and when foot bathing can be used as one measure to prevent lameness in dairy cows

NADIS Topical Health Bulletins

If there is a specific disease you are interested in then why not read the the relevant NADIS bulletin. A complete list of disease topics is available on the NADIS website under 'A-Z diseases' click here. This month's featured bulletins are below:
Liver fluke in sheep
Faciolosis is the disease caused by liver fluke infestation. Fasciolosis can have a serious financial impact on a sheep farm with immediate losses of up to 10 per cent caused by the acute or subacute form of disease.

Respiratory disease in calves
Most outbreaks of respiratory disease occur within one month of housing in the autumn/early winter. Autumn-born calves are generally more severely affected than older spring-born calves.

Fly strike threat remains real
The warm and wet autumn is keeping the strike risk higher than this time last year. Blowflies need temperatures of above 12C to be able to lay eggs, so while the current weather persists, the threat from strike will remain real. Farmers therefore need to maintain vigilance, particularly since most treatments applied in summer will not still be protecting animals at this stage of the season.
Other News

Nominations Now Open for the CEVA Animal Welfare Awards 2020
The awards celebrate the achievements of remarkable people who dedicate their lives to improve animal health and welfare.

Blowfly Alert and Tracker now live - alerting farmers to early blowfly threat
The threat of blowfly strike becomes increasingly high

Sheep scab ELISA blood test – quarantine, post-purchase and ‘test before you treat’
One way of deciding if treatment is necessary is to screen for exposure to sheep scab mites using the ELISA blood antibody test.

Best Practice For Sheep Scab Control
Industry Event Sees Key Opinion Leaders Join Forces To Promote Best Practice For Sheep Scab Control.

New Parasite Control Package launched for vets
NADIS has launched a new parasite control package for vet practices, to help them engage with more farmers on the topic of parasite control.