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Following the relaunch of its entire line of veterinary diets into one simplified range; Veterinary Health Nutrition, Royal Canin has announced its latest product. Feline Skin & Coat is part of the dermatology line and is the solution recommended for cats with atopic dermatitis and other causes of skin irritation, such as flea-bite allergic dermatitis.

Elisabete Capitao, Veterinary Marketing Manager at Royal Canin, said: “20% of the average vet’s caseload are patients with skin disease; from allergies to dermatitis, parasites and auto-immune diseases. With food allergies in humans being reported at an all-time high, veterinarians are seeing pet owners become increasingly concerned about food allergies in their pets. However, food allergies affect just 0.2% of dogs and 0.1% of cats*, meaning other causes should be explored if food allergies are suspected. In fact, pets can be allergic to fleas, and this allergy has been on the rise over the past 10 years, including a 12% increase in dogs and a 67% increase in cats.

“Our dermatology line addresses all these issues, but our new Feline Skin & Coat product is a specific solution for cats with atopic dermatitis or other causes of skin irritation such as flea-bite allergic dermatitis.”

The product has proven results in reducing lesions and managing cats with non-food allergic dermatitis. It’s specially formulated complex of nutrients, including EPA and DHA, work to support the skin’s natural protective barrier, supporting healthy skin and promoting a shiny coat. Feline Skin & Coat is recommended for young and adult neutered cats with sensitive skin, up to seven years of age.

The ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Health Nutrition range is organised around six core pet health needs, simplifying the nutritional management of pets with the following issues; urinary, dermatology, weight management, gastrointestinal tract, vital support and health management.

The new and improved packaging has been designed to reinforce the veterinary practitioner’s expertise. It presents clear nutritional benefits, a compelling health nutrition story and easy to read feeding guidelines.

For more information please speak to your ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Business Manager.