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BRAVECTO PLUS®, from MSD Animal Health, has received a new licence to treat Otodectes Cynotis (Ear Mites) on cats. Studies using BRAVECTO PLUS have shown no visible signs of mites at 14 days and 100% efficacy confirmed at 28 days1. This means that BRAVECTO PLUS now offers 12 week control of fleas and ticks, eight week prevention of heartworm disease, treatment of roundworm and hookworm, and treatment of ear mites.

Hannah Newbury, Companion Animal Technical Lead at MSD Animal Health comments: “With 1 in 4 cats in the Big Flea Project study having fleas2, we can conclude that pet owner compliance to parasite prevention is currently poor. This new licence is an important development for vets and cat owners, offering greater convenience, while helping improve flea and tick compliance. BRAVECTO PLUS builds on the qualities of BRAVECTO® and offers vets and cat owners another tool in the fight against an even broader range of potentially harmful parasites. Research by MSD Animal Health shows that 82% of cat owners believe that the ideal flea and tick treatment lasts longer than 2 months3 and vets can offer their cat owners this and more with BRAVECTO PLUS due to its 12 week duration of activity4.

MSD Animal Health is dedicated to research and innovation, with over 70 published studies not only proving the efficacy and safety of BRAVECTO but also scientifically contributing to the industry’s knowledge and understanding of parasites.

For vets wanting further information contact your MSD Animal Health Account Manager.

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