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To mark 20 years of publishing the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) presented a special anniversary award during its annual European Congress, which this year was held in Cavtat, Croatia, in June. The ‘JFMS 20th Anniversary Award’ was presented to Professor Richard Malik in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the journal, as well as to the society and, in turn, to the advancement of veterinary healthcare for cats around the world. Richard has been involved with JFMS for the entire two decades – as author, reviewer, mentor, Editorial Board member and journal ambassador.

A feline specialist at the University of Sydney, and working for many years in its Centre for Veterinary Education, Richard was invited onto the inaugural Editorial Board in 1999 and remains a highly valued Editorial Board member today. Between 2012 (the year JFMS moved to its current publisher, SAGE) and January 2019, he reviewed no fewer than 56 clinical research papers for JFMS. His input has not only been invaluable for the Editors, Andy Sparkes and Margie Scherk, as they assess submissions for their publication potential, but also for all those authors who have benefited from his expertise, recommendations and guidance. Supremely generous with his time, Richard’s approach has always been to go the extra mile in helping authors to maximise the impact of their study findings, and many a paper has been considerably strengthened as a result of his input.

Richard has been equally prolific as an author of enormously well-respected clinical research and clinical review articles in JFMS. To date, his extraordinarily impressive tally of publications extends to 59 articles, with an additional four in JFMS’s sister journal, JFMS Open Reports … and that is just his publications in the JFMS journals! In addition to these articles, as an invited Editorialist, Richard’s contributions for JFMS are guaranteed to be thought provoking and insightful, featuring provocative titles such as ‘Brachycephalia – a bastardisation of what makes cats special’, ‘Understanding genetics: why should vets care’, ‘History and mysteries of leprosy’ and ‘Think about how you think about cases’.

Richard’s articles embody the aims of JFMS in addressing the clinical veterinary healthcare and welfare of cats. His most downloaded paper from JFMS is a study entitled ‘Feline gastrointestinal eosinophilic sclerosing fibroplasia: 13 cases and review of an emerging clinical entity.’ The paper collated clinical and laboratory data on 13 new cases of this disease in cats from Australia and the UK, and offered suggestions on diagnosis and management to improve clinical outcomes and long-term survival in future cases. This was published in May 2015, and has amassed nearly 3800 downloads to date. Impressively, SAGE has calculated that in the three year period alone, from 2016–2018, Richard’s combined contributions to JFMS have been downloaded 37,707 times!

As a committed educator and mentor of feline clinicians, Richard has also been particularly supportive of the Clinical Practice issues of JFMS – recently confessing to preferring them to the Classic editions! With his infectious enthusiasm, he has inspired and encouraged many – including a number of first-time authors – to craft a clinical review or case series for these editions; just one example of the ambassadorial role that Richard performs so effectively for JFMS, confirming him as a most worthy recipient of the Anniversary Award.