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Colin Buchan Wins Dairy Vet of the Year


  • Colin Buchan Wins Dairy Vet of the Year

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    Colin Buchan, Clinical Director at Avondale Vet Group in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, was presented with the award for Dairy Vet of the Year at this year’s Cream Awards.
    The judges noted his commitment to his profession, his ‘endeavour to get farms to look at presentation and not just fire-fighting as a strategy’ and felt strongly that Colin really cared for his customers, for the animals and for his colleagues at Avondale Vets and beyond.
    ‘I was delighted just to be be nominated for the award,’ says Colin, ‘so to find out I was the winner was a real shock. I owe this to so many people; my colleagues (past and present), my wife and family but especially my clients who I genuinely think are the best in the country.
    ‘For me it is their enthusiasm to improve and trust in their vets that drives me forwards each day as a practitioner. All the messages from within IVC and clients have been gratefully received and have been truly humbling.’
    The Avondale Vets team share Colin’s excitement too. His fellow clinical director Tim Caldwell says:
    ‘Colin joined our practice in 2008 as a young mixed vet. He moved happily to farm work in less than a year – a position he has filled very well… All of the staff and many of the farm clients are delighted that Colin’s success has been recognised.’
    Huge congratulations to Colin!
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