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Expert Dermatologist, Sue Paterson, highlights the importance of pain relief when treating otitis externa


  • Expert Dermatologist, Sue Paterson, highlights the importance of pain relief when treating otitis externa

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    Pain relief is “exceptionally important in all cases of otitis externa” and should be a priority alongside treatment for clinical resolution, urges leading expert Sue Paterson

    Leading veterinary dermatologist Sue Paterson has raised concerns that vets are not prioritising pain relief in otitis externa (OE) cases, which is having a “profound effect on the quality of life of both dogs and clients”

    As part of a series of new videos commissioned by Elanco Animal Health for Osurnia™ Gel, Sue Paterson has urged vets to think about the impact that pain has on both the dog and owner in cases of otitis externa. The primary concern for many vets is to fight the pathogens to achieve a clinical cure, meaning pain relief can often become a secondary issue. While selection of an appropriate antibiotic is key, it is also important to consider the need for pain relief.

    RCVS and European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology and Senior Vice President of the European Society of Dermatology, Sue Paterson said: “Otitis externa is painful, it’s debilitating, and the degree of discomfort is often underestimated by both the veterinary surgeon and by the client.”

    Sue also stated that vets should not underestimate the owner’s concern about pain in their dog. Owners recognise the clinical signs associated with the pain of OE and determine treatment success by their dog recovering from these distressing symptoms.

    To help manage the pain associated with OE, Sue recommends a multi-modal approach: ‘’In addition to systemic pain relief, which is really important, a potent topical steroid is really useful to reduce the inflammation inside that dog’s ear, and make it much more comfortable.’’

    Betamethasone, the steroid found in Osurnia Gel, is an effective anti-inflammatory that helps to improve comfort for the entire 28-day treatment period.

    Sue also calls attention to OE treatments which are able to coat the ear canal and stay there long enough to treat the pathogens and provide sustained pain relief. Osurnia’s gel formulation enters the ear in liquid form which then spreads along the ear canal as a gel.

    Specifically speaking about Osurnia, Sue said: “When you put it into the ear, Osurnia Gel coats the lining of the external ear canal which gives prolonged contact with the lining of the canal to help treat the pathogens inside that dog’s ear.”

    But despite Osurnia entering the market two years ago, some vets are still saving it for difficult cases. Sue urged vets to re-evaluate their prescribing habits: “Too many vets use this (Osurnia) as a second-line drug and it should be used as a first-line product on the first occasion the dog comes through the door.”

    To watch the full series of videos and to find out more from Sue Paterson on treating otitis externa* in dogs click here:

    * For the treatment of acute otitis externa and acute exacerbation of recurrent otitis externa associated with Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Malassezia pachydermatis. Osurnia ear gel for dogs
    contains terbinafine, florfenicol and betamethasone acetate.
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