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Agria and Vetstream team up for launch of Agria Pet Insurance Vet Academy


  • Agria and Vetstream team up for launch of Agria Pet Insurance Vet Academy

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    Pet insurance specialist Agria Pet Insurance has teamed up with Vetstream, a leading supplier of digital reference content to the veterinary profession, to launch a dedicated online learning platform, the Agria Pet Insurance Vet Academy, which is free for Agria life customers. It will feature a range of business management resources created by e-learning company MicroLearn.

    Agria works in close partnership with the veterinary profession and has created the Agria Pet Insurance Vet Academy to support continuous professional development for members of their new membership programme Agria life. Initial training modules include Communication and Social Skills and Workplace Wellbeing. Additional e-learning modules will be added on a monthly basis.

    Agria Pet Insurance is the world’s oldest and largest specialist animal insurer having insured its first pet in 1890. Specialising in lifetime policies, it works closely with vets, breeders and rehoming organisations and underwrites insurance for both the Kennel Club and Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

    Vetstream specialises in the provision of digital point-of-need information to the veterinary sector. Its Vetlexicon service is the world's largest online veterinary reference service, offering comprehensive, peer-reviewed digital point-of-care information on the veterinary treatment of the species it covers - Equis (horses), Canis (dogs), Felis (cats), Lapis (rabbits), Exotis (exotics) and Bovis (cattle) and practice management resource, Practis.
    Commenting on the launch of the Agria Academy, Nick White, Head of Veterinary Channel at Agria, said: “The new regulation, Insurance Distribution Direction (IDD), coming into force on the 1st October 2018 has created huge and exciting opportunities as we have clear simple solutions to make veterinary promotion of lifetime pet insurance effective for every practice and prove Agria’s on-going commitment to the partnership we have with vets and the support practices give us.”

    Dr Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream, added: “We were delighted to work with Agria in creating the Agria Pet Insurance Vet Academy. The e-learning resources on offer are of a very high quality with learners able to watch a short video before participating in interactive content to support their learning. They are also given tasks or questions to complete to trigger activities or to help them to practice new skills and learn from experience or reflection. We expect it to prove a highly effective learning resource for Agria customers.”

    Picture at top shows (left to right): Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria, Janet Hughes, Director of Partner Engagement & Strategy at Agria and Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream
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