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Innovative triple action technology to target bad breath


  • Innovative triple action technology to target bad breath

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    Virbac are delighted to announce the launch of new VeggieDent® FR3SH™ Dental Chews which incorporate innovative FR3SH technology that targets the causes of halitosis in dogs in 3 ways – cleanses, cools and addresses digestive causes of bad breath.
    VeggieDent® FR3SH™ Dental Chews provide significant daily breath improvement from Day 1 for a full 24 hours1, as well as continued breath improvement over a 2-week period. Ninety percent of owners highlighted an improvement in bad breath following use of the chews1.

    Still offering the same benefits as traditional C.E.T.® VeggieDent® Tartar Control Chews for Dogs, including a proprietary Z-shape to maximise prehension, VeggieDent® FR3SH™ is scientifically proven to reduce calculus and plaque when given daily.2

    ‘With 2 out of 3 pet owners having a least one dog with bad breath3, we are delighted to be able to add new VeggieDent® FR3SH™ to the Virbac range of oral healthcare products’ said VeggieDent® FR3SH™
    Product Manager Claire Lewis.
    For information on VeggieDent® FR3SH™ or any other products in the Virbac oral healthcare range, please speak to your Virbac Territory Manager.
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