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BSAVA Congress exhibition at the heart of innovation


  • BSAVA Congress exhibition at the heart of innovation

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    Congress’s exhibitor village was more global than ever, with ground-breaking ideas and pioneering technology to help shape the future of veterinary science.

    At a time of challenge and change for the profession, this year’s showcase was the beating heart of innovation, with the launch of inspiring new companies, products and services from around the world, and an opportunity to engage face-to-face with hundreds of industry partners.

    Below is a summary of some of those innovations…

    Evidence-based scientific endeavour remains the cornerstone of BSAVA’s provision, and the organisation moved to an eye-catching new double-decked stand at the centre of the exhibition floor to engage with delegates - including showcasing the new library and the variety of content that comes with membership - and selling the full range of BSAVA publications including around 40 manuals.

    BSAVA Exhibitor Awards
    Best NewcomerDebt Collection Services UK Ltd
    Ahead of almost 30 first or second year exhibitors, awarded for formidable delegate engagement, clarity of message and high footfall – using Mildred the model cow as a raffle ticket holder.

    Director Collette Rhodes said: “It’s our first year here and we were really busy throughout Congress, Mildred has been very popular and it’s been great to meet so many new faces and our existing clients.”

    Innovation – Mount International United Services (MIUS) Ltd
    Awarded for pushing the boundaries of delegate engagement, particularly for use of new technology, novel concepts or competitions that drive footfall and meaningful interactions.

    MIUS unveiled its innovative CT Pods - custom-designed, self-contained, fully lead-lined modular buildingsfitted with a refurbished CT scanner; and designed to meet the needs of vet practices without thespace in existing buildings to bring in this technology. TheCT pod was craned into position outside the Arena and was promoted in advance, showing the journey on social media and delivering engagement. MIUS also delivered three lectures in the practical zone and judges felt went beyond with an innovative display on stand.
    Fraser Yule, Veterinary Sales Manager, said: “We have embraced Congress and put a lot of effort into it this year, it’s the perfect platform for showcasing our new products and delegates have loved it.”

    Delegate choice award – Vet Times
    Awarded by delegate votes for their favourite stand in the exhibition, looking at engagement and interactivity, exciting design and staff attitude and helpfulness.

    Lee Clayton, Vet Times marketing manager, said: “This is my 16thyear at Congress and we’ve won an award for three years running now – every year it is unexpected but this is the hat-trick so it feels really good. It means the world to us that delegates have voted and came to see us - we’ve seen 2,500 people so far (Saturday lunchtime) – and everyone on the stand works hard.”

    Vet Times andVet Times Jobs sponsored Sunday’s Picnic in the Park lunch, which gave delegates a chance to join in the fun of arelaxing lunchtime experience in Hall 3 of the ICC.

    Exemplary exhibitor, personal achievement – Fay Barker, A Brush With Love
    Awarded for outstanding personal performance at BSAVA Congress, judges felt Fay was engaging, welcoming and friendly, on company message and going above and beyond the call of duty.

    Fay was exhibiting for the first time, having set up a personalised cards business six months ago, with artwork created by artist Sam Bath.
    “We couldn’t believe it, it’s been a lovely time for us since we arrived and felt like VIPs when we were presented with the award,” Fay said.

    Among the exhibitors taking bold strides were Hill’s Pet Nutrition andIdexx Laboratories, which sponsored the new look Arena Balcony and took delegates on a veterinary ‘journey through time’ with multiple interactive spaces and a hospitality lounge, including free barista-made coffee and recharge points for electronic devices. Hill’s discussed its technology, senior nursing clinics and obesity clinics, while Idexx had a stand and nurse microscopy area to practice microscopy skills.

    There were three one-hour lectures per day, split into three 20-minute sections from a Key Opinion Leader, an IDEXX diagnostics skills expert and a Hill’s spokesperson on dietary management.

    Animal Poison Line reveals successful first year for public helpline
    Nicola Robinson, head of service at the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS), hailed the launch of the 24-hour public Animal Poison Line a great success after it took just under 1,300 calls.

    More than 90 per cent of calls were direct referrals from vets, while half were taken out of hours, which is weekdays between 8pm and 8am and weekends.

    “Traditionally we’ve given advice to vets but last year we decided to launch the service to the public and it has been a great success,” she said.
    “What is particularly pleasing is that three out of four callers did not have to go the vet because of our advice, which was a big relief to them.”
    Most calls related to dogs swallowing ibuprofen or other medication, while the helpline also dealt with owners concerned about their animals ingesting rat poison, plants, cosmetics, toiletries and foods that can make them ill.

    Since the successful inaugural year, VPIS is planning to speak to insurance companies to see if they can collaborate and it is also exploring the viability of introducing a low-cost monthly subscription services for members of the public.

    VPIS has provided a helpline specifically for vets for 25 years and more than 65 per cent of vet practices in the country subscribe to the service. It also receives calls from overseas vets.

    Vacuumat to launch in UK
    Génia introduced its new vacuum immobilisation mat to the UK market for the first time.

    Vacuumat is a thermally insulated, sturdy polyurethane mat that enables vets to position animals exactly in the desired position for radiology, ultrasound, MRI, CT and surgery.

    It is filled with microbeads and is supplied with a pump. The high flow valve means the vacuum is achieved in a few seconds, while the safety valve maintains the vacuum for more than 72 hours.

    The mat, which is radiolucent and easy to clean, will be available in the UK from early summer.

    New licence for VetMedin
    Boehringer visited Congress to tell vets about its new licence to administer Vetmedin to dogs with asymptomatic mitro valve disease (MVD).
    It is the first time that a pharmaceutical has been licensed to be used before disease or clinical signs are detected.
    It follows the largest veterinary cardiovascular study ever to be conducted to determine if Vetmedin would delay the onset of cardiac symptoms in dogs. Results showed that compared to placebo, dogs receiving Vetmedin had their average asymptomatic period extended by about 15 months.

    Willows Veterinary Centre invests £1m
    Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service in Solihull, West Midlands, has announced a £1 million investment in its facilities.
    The centre is extending and expanding state of the art facilities. It has also opened a new specialised radioactive iodine unit for treating cats with hyperthyroidism, one of the few centres in Britain to offer such ground-breaking treatment.

    The Veterinary Defence Society Ltd
    The VDS launched VDS Training and Vetsafe as tools to ensure that it continues to defend, protect and develop its members and their businesses.

    Vetsafe is a ‘blackbox’ for the profession, providing an event reporting and risk management service. The new tool from VDS allows vet professionals to confidentially highlight a serious incident in their practice and help them to understand why mistakes happen, provide feedback and develop solutions which improve the quality of veterinary care.

    “It’s a benefit for all vets in practice to be able to learn from bad outcomes in a positive way. By using Vetsafe we can analyse how and why the incident has happened and provide solutions to mitigate future mistakes,” said Dr Catherine Oxtoby, VDS Risk Manager at VDS.

    VDS Training utilises the Society’s long history and experience of supporting veterinary professionals to extend its training provision. This can now be complimented by the knowledge gained from Vetsafe and used to develop training tools that make a difference on a day to day basis.
    Carolyne Crowe, training consultant at VDS said: “We are developing people and inspiring change whilst putting people back into the heart of veterinary practices. Our training is preventative and proactive and really makes a difference.”

    121 With
    121 With launched its innovative online market place to the veterinary world, offering a reliable video consultancy between vets and pet owners, connecting those seeking advice with the expertise they’re looking for.

    121 With has already established itself among other industries including accountants and plumbers, as a platform for businesses and consultants to advertise and provide knowledge either via pay-per-minute or invoice-based payment.

    Not only does 121 With offer pet owners access to expert advice without the need to travel anywhere, it is also available to vets practices under a white label, providing them with an online service that can be integrated into their own surgery’s website.

    Tom Stokely, Co-Founder and Managing Director of 121 With said: “Congress is a great opportunity to present our platform and discuss ideas with a broad range of experts from the veterinary profession.”

    Digatherm LLC
    Digatherm is a new thermal imaging equipment system that was exhibited at Congress for the first time this year. Providing the industry with the only veterinary specific thermal imaging software, the system delivers an accuracy of +/- 1%, aiding the early detection of many disorders before they become symptomatic.

    Braemar Finance
    Braemar Finance has launched a funding system to enable pet owners to apply for a credit facility to finance a procedure or treatment.
    Fast Track is designed for sole practitioners, small partnerships and larger corporate groups who want to offer a funding option to their clients.
    It is available online and an instant decision is made when an application is completed. Interest free and interest-bearing options are available.
    Aileen Boyle, managing director at Braemar Finance, said: “We fully believe this product will give businesses the much-needed support they require, for them to realise their business potential.”

    Expand practice capability with InSight Urinalysis
    A two-stage testing facility to detect of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in dogs and cats to facilitate immediate treatment was unveiled at Congress by Woodley Equipment.

    Rapid stage one RapidBac Vet requires no special apparatus, has a high overall accuracy of 98.5% and results within 20 minutes.
    If RapidBac is negative there is no need to proceed with stage two, but if RapidBac is positive or if antibiotic confirmation is needed move to stage two Flexicult, which is an easy-to-read chromogenic in-practice urine culture and sensitivity test for diagnosing urinary tract infections in dogs and cats.

    Results are available in 24 hours to help determine the most appropriate treatment.

    Photon Surgical Systems Ltd introduced at Congress
    Photon Surgical Systems – a newly established company combining Photon and Surgical Systems Ltd – introduced itself to Congress for the first time.

    The company now offers an even larger range of equipment, supported by its in-house team of engineers who can be on site within 24 hours to address breakdowns.

    Carly Bennett, RVN, who recently joined the team, is now working closely with David Harvey on new product ranges, sales and training.

    Bamboo leg sleeves launched at Congress
    DogEase launched its new post-surgery short leg sleeves at Congress.

    The product, which will be available from September, will complement its already successful wearable suit that provides pet owners and vets an alternative to cones.

    Made from bamboo, the comfortable fabric sleeve is antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic.

    Lisa McCausland, managing director and creator of DogEase, said: “I’m excited to showcase the leg sleeve for the first time at Congress.”
    Six sizes – that will range in size to fit small animals such as rabbits and chihuahuas to Great Danes – will be available when the product is launched later this year.

    VOA to bring US expert for CPD course
    Vets were urged to sign up for a one-day CPD course on canine osteoarthritis treatment, which will be led by a leading US orthopaedic expert.
    Dr Sherman Canapp will deliver three lectures at the Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance (VOA) event - focusing on hind limb lameness, treating the shoulder, and regenerative medicine - at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, on July 19.

    Other speakers are: Dr Debra Canapp, who will be discussing musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound; Dr Graham Oliver from East Midlands Referrals, who will be reviewing canine elbow disease and treatment options; and Christina Harkin, also of East Midlands Referrals, who will speak on the use of Arthramid in treating elbow osteoarthritis in labradors. The event will be chaired by Professor Stuart Carmichael.

    DMS Veterinary introduces guidewire system
    Direct Medical Supplies (DMS) promoted its new chest drain system, which is less aggressive than the standard trocar system. The guidewire inserted chest tube, which is exclusive to DMS, comes as a complete kit. It is less traumatic for the patient and can also be left in the patient for longer.

    Telerad Tech Showcases Proprietary Veterinary Radiology Software
    Global IT company Telerad Tech has unveiled VETSpa, its proprietary veterinary radiology software.

    “Digital radiography has revolutionized not only human but also animal medicine. Veterinary radiologists use images of the heart, lungs, bones, brain and abdomen of the vet patient to diagnose medical conditions and follow-up on the progress of the line of treatment,” said Prashant Akhawat, COO, Telerad Tech.

    “Veterinary radiologists are required to collaborate ‘live’ with surgeons from the operation theatre, and images may need to be shared for peer review and stored for future reference. VetSpa from Telerad Tech supports all these requirements and has been designed to support veterinary radiologists, veterinary physicians and surgeons.”

    Pet Cremation Services launches Pawpals
    A new, easy-to-use pawprint keepsake has been launched at BSAVA 2018.

    Pet Cremation Services is sole European distributor for Paw Pals, which is a unique foam imprint developed in the USA.
    Glenn Tuck, managing director of Pet Cremation Services, said unlike clay-based imprints, the Paw Pals is quick, clean and easy to use.
    The pack requires no mixing, kneading or drying and the box also has space for a photograph of the pet whose print has been taken.
    Within the first couple of hours of BSAVA opening, Glenn received 12 enquiries from veterinary surgeries interested in stocking it.

    Orchid Valley Pet Caskets
    This Australian enterprisechose Congress as the best place to launch its business in the UK, after winningagovernment innovation grant tovisit. The friendly team, from western Australia, seeks to bring dignity to animals and comfort to the bereaved, with a signature collection of award-winning, eco-friendly pet caskets and biodegradable, leak proof cadaver bags, together with comforting end of life products, including a stylish range of bereavement gifts and commemorative items.

    Managing Director Zoe Ednie-Brown, who is originally from the UK but has lived in Australia for 20 years, said: “We particularly wanted to attend BSAVA Congress and are very much looking forward to it, I always envisaged ‘taking it home’ to the UK, where the vets are world renowned for their superior professionalism and compassion, and the British society known for being the most caring and devoted of all animal people.”

    Dermatology specialist Zoetis sponsored an entire stream called SKINSIGHTS Learning Academy, which features serious CPD opportunities alongside hula hooping and mindful relaxing yoga sessions.

    BOVA UK expands into small animal market
    BOVA UK, the first veterinary sterile specials facility of its kind in the UK, has launched a range of specials for the small animal market.
    The pharmaceutical specials broaden the treatment options available to vets and their patients and can enhance compliance.

    The Veterinary Medicines Regulations specify that a special can only be supplied in accordance with a written or oral prescription from a vet. It must be prescribed in line with the Cascade.

    There are six formulations in BOVA’S small animal range with a further 23 formulations scheduled to be introduced in the first half of 2018.

    Touch-less disinfection system available for vets
    A touch-less disinfection system is ramping up its services to the veterinary sector by introducing its infection control service to BSAVA delegates.

    SANONDAF manufactures a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner which is used widely in clinical settings, has adapted its technology to enable it to be used in vet surgeries, animal centres and kennels.

    Its fogging and electrostatic spraying system combines hydrogen peroxide and patented SanoChem to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses.

    Alex Green, Liverpool regional director, said the system is used to supplement manual deep cleans to provide antibacterial protection and is compatible with all electronic equipment.

    “We’ve been in the UK for four years, but the vet market is a relatively new sector for us and we are now in a good position to increase our services to the surgeries,” he said. “Depending on the level of risk, we recommend our cleans on anything from a monthly to quarterly basis.”

    BreathEazy develops new device
    BreathEazy has adapted its nebulisation device for small animals and has launched it at BSAVA 2018 for the first time.
    The battery-operated Flexineb c1 is a fully integrated nebulisation system designed to treat reptiles, birds, rodents, cats and dogs and can easily be held in one hand.

    Jon Slattery MRCVS, managing director of BreathEazy, said particle size is less than five microns and it is 100% silent.

    Jurox reformulates anaesthetic for small animals
    Jurox launched a new version of its Alfaxan anaesthetic solution at BSAVA 2018.

    The multi-use vial in 10ml and 20ml vials has a 28-day shelf life, post broach, and will be available from next month (May).

    Lafever - Emeraid
    Emeraid, specialists in diets for critically ill small animals, exhibited its critical care food system that has been specifically formulated for exotic animals. Following the success of the recovery nutritional supplement for small mammals and birds, Emeraid has now developed an easily absorbable and highly digestible formula that is suitable for all exotics.

    The Emeraid Intensive Care System is a semi-elemental diet that meets the acute dietary needs of most exotic animals, contains all essential amino acids and meets the metabolic needs of critically ill animals.

    Lintbells launched YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 for dogs and cats at BSAVA, a new joint supplement available exclusively to the veterinary profession. YuMOVE is clinically proven to work within just six weeks for the support of metabolism of joints in the case of osteoarthritis. exhibited its tailor-made dried food solution that allows pet owners to feed their dogs with a formulated nutritional system mixed specifically for them. Dog owners simply fill in a form online that allows them to identify any health issues that their pet may have and nutritionists will blend a dried food providing a diet to aid their treatment.

    Avacta Animal Health
    Avacta exhibited its complete allergy solution at Congress that systematically rules out the common causes of pruritus in dogs and cats. The new SENSITEST® Allergy Toolkit provides practitioners with a complete allergy testing solution as well as proven treatments.

    The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre
    The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre is a standalone facility for treating cats with hyperthyroidism and is the largest of its kind in Europe. Using BSAVA to promote the use of radioiodine as the first choice of treatment for these cats, The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre took the opportunity to highlight its 99% cure rate with Vets and Vet Nurses at Congress.

    “We want to raise awareness of the treatment that we offer and its success rate. Cats are so often operated on as a first port of call when a radioiodine treatment is not only extremely effective, but cats are regularly discharged after only five days,” said Amanda Moppett, marketing manager at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre.

    Burgess Pet Care
    Rabbit Awareness Week was launched by Burgess, highlighting the detrimental effect of selective feeding in rabbits. Being able to choose components of a muesli diet leads to unbalanced mealtimes which increases the risk of dental disease, fly strike and digestive problems in rabbits. Burgess exhibited several products on its stand at Congress to help to eradicate this problem including the feeding pyramid which eliminates the risk of selective eating.

    Blizzard Blankets
    Blizzard exhibited its passive warming blanket at Congress this year, the ideal solution for keeping animals warm and preventing hypothermia before, during and post operation. Available in small, medium and large, the tog 7 blizzard blanket is lightweight and provides more insulation than a standard recovery blanket.

    VetDirect promoted the new Elexxion Nano Vet at Congress, the only 3 in 1 laser on the market. Vets now only require one piece of kit to complete three different laser functions including surgical laser, laser therapy and laser endoscopy saving the vet the outlay of three different tools and providing them with the newest technology.

    KONG Veterinary Products
    KVP exhibited its bespoke orthotics system at Congress that allows clients to benefit from a custom-made brace for their pet. KVP has introduced an extremely easy and time efficient process that allows clients to place an order online, the vet practice then receives a casting kit and a mould is used to create a custom orthotic brace. Once the casting is complete KVP collect it and fabricate the client’s brace. The process is simple, painless, and only takes a few minutes.

    A world first was seen at Congress with PoochPlay exhibiting the only tracker for dogs that monitors their complete health and wellbeing by keeping a record of their activity, rest and nutrition. With over 6 million overweight dogs in the UK, and a wide understanding that overfeeding is the leading cause of pet weight gain, PoochPlay has launched an easy to use weight management solution. The dog wears a tracker on its collar that syncs via Bluetooth to the free mobile app, this data then identifies how much the dog should be fed each day based on its level of exercise, age and breed.

    “PoochPlay has been two years in the making and we’ve had such interest here at BSAVA from vets, vet nurses and students. We’ll definitely be back again next year- but with a bigger stand,” said product developer Ravi Sharma.

    MDC Exports
    Promoting their ‘Must You Scruff?’ campaign, that is backed by a range of supporters including Blue Cross for Pets and Cats Protection, MDC Exports highlighted the dangers of using unnecessary scruffing to restrain cats at BSAVA. Increasingly, scruffing is being used ‘as standard’ to reduce the likelihood of injury to the care giver during handling. MDC Exports provides guidance on how to handle cats appropriately by using alternative practices and has launched its reusable Cat Wrap for swaddling the cat for a more gentle and controlled approach.

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